Production of medical aids


A company that is a point of reference in the incontinence and hospital medication sector, which already uses our equipment in the main production lines, requested to be able to manage and view the machine alarms both on the display of the phase programmer in the control panel, and at the end line with a large led display.

Problem raised by the customer

Production line of about 30 meters with Siemens systems that interact with each other and with the installed cam programmer, presence of RF disturbances and problems with Wi-FI data transmission; in the absence of alarm messages they would like the remote display to show the pieces produced per minute.

Proposed project

The management of the alarm messages is entrusted to the cam positioner via a combination of 8-bit inputs, for the overall management of 255 alarms and a machine stop signal, if one of them is activated.

Given the presence of disturbances in the plant, it was decided to communicate in RS485 with the remote display, to send any alarms and to display the pieces produced per minute.

Once the alarm has been deactivated, it is canceled from the display of the equipment and from the remote viewer.

We recommend the DPS 16/C44 VE1VB model to which hardware and firmware modifications have been applied and the 32×160 tricolor LED display for remote data viewing.

Benefits obtained

The solution proposed by CREI STT Elettronica fully satisfied the customer’s requests, speeding up the response times of the maintenance technicians in the event of an alarm and reducing machine downtime.

Furthermore, from any point of the plant it is possible to view the pieces produced per minute, especially during customer and supplier visits.

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