Fillers for the food sector


Historical customer operating in the sector of construction of filling machines in the ice cream sector, with whom we have an ongoing relationship, has decided to create a new machine consisting of a rotating table for filling ice cream tubs.

Problem raised by the customer

If the tray is missing in one of the 8 stations of the rotary table, the dispensing of the products in the subsequent stations must not be carried out and the count of the pieces produced must take into account the possible lack of product.

Furthermore, when the machine is started, the rotary table performs N° of revolutions for which the outputs must not be activated.

Proposed project

At the beginning of each turn (0°) the cam programmer checks the status of the input bit to which a photocell is connected, which detects the presence or absence of the cup: in case of a positive value (+24Vdc) it activates the cams from 1 to 8 as programmed, in the event of a negative value (0Vdc) the cams remain off.

The first bank of cams has the shift-register memory which allows cams 1 to 8 to be activated/deactivated in sequence according to the input signal, furthermore they have the possibility of being programmed and activated individually after N° revolutions of the encoder.

The remaining standard functions for the second and third cam bank (9-16 and 17-24) will continue to apply.

The DPS824/24S + KEYB/5 model is recommended to which hardware and firmware modifications have been applied, as well as to the management software.

Benefits obtained

The solution proposed by CREI STT Elettronica has made the system more economical and performing (avoiding the insertion of other sensors and consent relays) in achieving the work targets and above all by eliminating product waste.

The intervention has also endowed the system with its uniqueness that is difficult to replicate by third parties, unrelated to the design and production development, with a significant competitive advantage for the customer.

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