Electronic cams are used to replace traditional mechanical cams and rod guides, to provide all those repetitive profiles used in automation to coordinate moving parts.

The advantages of an electronic cam solution compared to traditional mechanical cam systems are in the flexibility and precision of movement obtainable only with an electronic control.

Furthermore, with the electronic cams, production slowdowns are avoided even when changing products.

In this way, all the difficulties traditionally encountered in mechanical components (wear and high maintenance costs) will be avoided and the numerous advantages related to electronics can be exploited (phase changes with the machine in motion, program storage, etc.) .
Thanks to the use of electronic cams, it will be possible to increase productivity and dynamism in all non-linear movements.

Some typical applications:

  • Wrapping and packing machines
  • Forming, filling and sealing machines
  • Automatic assembly systems
  • Book binding machines
  • Automatic cam machines
  • Woodworking machines
  • Press



Led display have multiple fields of use, from providing messages to the operator on board the machine, passing through the transmission of information at the end of the line, ending up communicating with the warehouse or external conveyors.

Display of manufactured parts, alarm messages, downtime and material availability are just a few examples where these customized and non-customized displays are used.

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