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Associated company operating in the sector of design and construction of industrial resistances and temperature probes, wishes to create a billboard that indicates the presence of its sales network in world capitals.

Problem raised by the customer

Create a “painting” with a width of 200 cm but with a very reduced thickness, have the possibility to turn on/flash/turn off every single LED in correspondence with the European capitals and be able to vary the brightness of the lights.

Furthermore, each state had to be graphically represented by its respective flag, and the company logo had to stand out in the center of the world

Proposed project

In this case it is a question of designing and building an LED panel starting from scratch. Each new project is preceded by a phase of support from the customer, to understand their needs and objectives. Based on the results that emerged from the initial analysis, we were able to proceed with the cad design of the mechanics, the electronic card, the graphics and finally the firmware for programming.

Strengthened by the experience with the Luxtronica brand, an anodized aluminum frame with a thickness of only 3 cm was proposed, digital printing of the graphics directly on the Alubond plate, customized electronic board for the control of the individual LEDs via infrared remote control.

Benefits obtained

With a unique object of its kind, the image of the company has increased its prestige, it has been fixed in the conference room but is also exhibited at fairs and conferences.

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