"We design, develop and produce
electronic cam controller, encoder,
interfaces and led display"

All began in 1969 by the will of Mrs. Betti Renata and Mr. Felletti Carlo, who founded CREI, and began with the design and production of electric heaters and thermocouples for the sector of automatic packing and packaging machines.

Strengthened by this experience with automatic machines, CREI STT Elettronica was born in 1979, which focuses its resources on the production of the first electronic cam programmers (angular positioners).

Thanks to the greater precision and ease of management, they quickly replaced the traditional mechanical cams.

Specific functions are then immediately patented which will become fundamental for all those that need great control precision at high speed.

The proximity to some of the most prestigious manufacturers of machines for industrial automation (located in Bologna in the “packaging valley”) allows CREI STT Elettronica to develop products that are increasingly suited to the growing technology of the sector, such as angular transducers and electronic interfaces.

The high quality standard of its products and the high level of professionalism achieved have made CREI STT Elettronica one of the brightest and most dynamic production realities in the small industry.

In the wake of this success, the Luxtronica® project was launched in 2004, which has the ambition to revolutionize industrial visual communication, associating laser engraving on plexiglass with the latest LED lighting technologies.

These results are the result of constant investment in research and testing of innovative products, and the professionalism of highly qualified human resources.

CREI STT Elettronica sas
Via Bellini, 3
40055 Villanova di Castenaso (BO)
Phone (+39) 051/781185
Fax (+39) 051/781273
P.IVA e C.F. IT02222941201

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