DPS 32/C7 VE1VB 1024

Digital programmed switch high resolution equipped with 32 outputs, linear advanced end delay, cams ratio, storage of 7 sizes and 255 messages, splash guard.

This equipment supports an absolute encoder in input with a resolution of 1024 positions/turn, in output 32 electronic cams auto protected against short-circuit and overload.

The linear advance function can be activated per cam; delay function for benches. Storage of 7 sizes with possibility of expansion up to 30 selected also remotely with binary code via PLC or contraves; 255 alarm messages selectable also remotely with binary code via BMS interface.

The 2 benches of cams ratio enable management of several machines from one programmer at different speeds on a single line.

The speed ratio enables the display of encoder turns to be multiplied or divided, which is used in case of multiple or two machines coupled on the same line.

If the encoder is disconnected or an output has short-circuited, a signal will indicate alarm status, in order for the machine to be stopped to prevent damage to mechanical or electrical devices.

Programming in five languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish) is easy to do manually on the on-board panel keypad.

The membrane keyboard and the aluminum front frame with shaped gasket protect the equipment and make it suitable for the harshest environments.

Cam programmer dimensions 196x99x140 mm according to DIN-43700.

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