We design, develop and produce
electronic cam controllers, encoders, interfaces and light displays

Industrial automation

We design and build electronic equipment
for automatic machines

Led Display

We create custom signs and overhead projectors for any area

Design and Assistance

We develop custom solutions for specific applications and provide pre and post sales assistance

Digital Programmer Switch

A complete range of electric cam positioners for industrial applications: packaging machines, plastic material plants, filling systems, food machines, ceramic plants and presses.
In addition to the standard items in the catalogue, there is the possibility of customization upon request.

Absolute encoders

Single-turn absolute transducers are of the optical type, which guarantees a high resolution and therefore suitable for applications that require greater precision and indicated for sectors that require high speed and greater resistance to wear, temperatures and IP protection.

Electrical Complements

Everything needed to integrate the electronic cam system with the other devices or drives present in the automatic machine: relay interfaces, input and output management cards, over-impulse modules for solenoid valves, cables, flexible joints and much more other.

Led Display

We create custom signs and overhead projectors for any area

CREI STT Elettronica sas
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40055 Villanova di Castenaso (BO)
Phone (+39) 051/781185
Fax (+39) 051/781273
Email info@creistt.com
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